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«Keep away, there is nothing to see ...»: A vision of the years 1978 to 1982 photos Paul Gauthier

This exhibition traces the years 1972 to 1982 mainly in France, thanks to photos of key events of the period. It encourages a work of memory with regard to our present. The return on a contemporary past allows us to measure the speed of evolutions of our society, but also the permanences. The exhibition can be accompanied by a lecture-debate on photojournalism at that time and the evolution of the press photo from the origins to the present day.

Conference: Press photo from the origins to the present day

1 / The Origins and Evolutions of Photojournalism

The birth of photojournalism through the snapshot (evolution of the medium)

The press photo and the golden age of the press agencies (1960-1980)

The development of the magazine press field of expression of photojournalism

The photo a stake of the communication: the press framed and "embeded" (2000-2008)

The crisis with the appearance of digital (agencies without a photographer)

What future for photojournalism (specialization)

2 / A reflection on the press photo

The function of the press photo and the types of photos (actu, illustration ....)

The paparazzi and the people (the right to the image)

Fine-tuning and interpretation: limit and danger of the image

3 / Analysis of a selection of mythical photos throughout history

Analysis work on a selection of mythical photos of the greatest photographers of the 19th and 20th century.